Television for the People by the People

Community access TV in Santa Barbara is alive and doing surprisingly well. TV Santa Barbara is an independent non-profit organization with its own top-flight production and training facility. It has the latest gear, multiple studios, and a staff of professional producers, directors, camera operators, and editors. For a modest fee, anyone can become a TVSB Member and have access to the equipment and studios, as well as classes in literally every aspect of video and multimedia production.

TVSB also offers local businesses and other non-profits video production services at prices far below standard commercial rates. It’s a pretty amazing deal and a great resource for the community. Everyone who has a story to tell is welcome, and a range of outreach and educational programs are aimed at increasing media literacy,

This February 23, TVSB will host its 2019 Media Awards at the Alcazar Theatre in Carpinteria to recognize achievements in the creation of the content distributed on their broadcast and online platforms.

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To see one of the pieces we created for TVSB click here.

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