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We’ve learned a thing or two from 30 years in the marketing communications business, like how to leverage our experience and unique point of view as design professionals to help clients achieve their goals. For us, this business is about going beyond graphic and website design—it’s about building a team that can take on whatever obstacles stand in the way of a project’s success.

There are names for the services we provide—strategic planning, creative direction, copywriting, graphic design, print and digital production, comprehensive project management—but we think of it as doing whatever is necessary to serve our clients’ best interests. For a prolific publisher, we manage the design, production, and approval process for hundreds of book covers annually, ensuring they always have what they need to go to press on time. For a safety equipment manufacturer, we help organize their voluminous product line into a catalog that is both striking and functional, resulting in a key sales tool that has long been admired within their industry.

We can tell you about the things we’ve done, but we’re more interested in what comes next. We thrive on big, complex projects—the kind that put a knot in your stomach if you don’t have adequate resources or trust the people managing them. Going beyond design means dealing with whatever comes up, and taking responsibility for making sure things turn out right from start to finish.



About Us

Silverander Communications is a graphic and digital design and creative services firm located in Santa Barbara, California. Since 1985, we’ve been delivering innovative and effective solutions for complex branding, digital, and print projects. We are passionate about the quality of our work, committed to providing outstanding levels of service, and look forward to each project with a spirit of shared adventure. While we’ve been working with many of our clients for decades, we bring the same level of dedication to every project we undertake. We are proud of the trust we’ve earned over the years, and work hard every day to retain it.


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Danielle Fox - Director of Projects
Director of Projects
Lee Ann - Senior Designer
Lee Ann
Senior Designer
Deanna Buley - Designer and Studio Manager
Deanna Buley Designer
Studio Manager
Jenna Alvarado - Designer
Andrew Burk - DevOps
David Silverander Copywriter
Otis - Head of Security
Head of


Beyond Design

Every marketing effort starts with an idea. Making that idea a good one and communicating it successfully is both an art and science. Creativity is essential at every stage in the process. We get that—and we're talking about it.

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